Sunday, September 3, 2017

Exciting News from Spiraling Music!

Hello !
August 2017

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Four, yes FOUR pieces from our new album are finalists in the 2017 Global Peace Music Awards!
  • Particles in Space
  • The Fountain of Jewels Activated
  • Triumphant Upon Arrival
  • With Every Heartbeat
Please go to this page on our website and vote by "liking" each song.

There's more...

I recently released a vocal version of the track Particles in Space, recorded by my fellow peace activist SEAY with Grammy award winner Armand Hutton on background vocals. The lyrics are timely, what with all this crazy nuclear war posturing among the nations again. It's our featured song this month!

I'm on the Radios!

Thanks to support from new age musicians' coach Suzanne Doucet, and radio promotion by Ed and Stacey Bonk,Ethereal Escapes charted at #5 on Zone Music Reports in June!  You can find our music on Pandora as well, including all of the "prequel," Echappées Ethériques.

In light,

Merrill Collins

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Featured Song

Bonus song: Particles in Space vocal track featuring SEAY with Grammy award winner Armand Hutton.
Read the inspiring visionary backstory of Ethereal Escapes 

Read the mysterious adventure that inspired Echapées Etheriques

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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Vote for our Songs in the Global Peace Awards!

Four, yes, FOUR pieces from our latest album are finalists in the 2017 Global Peace Music Awards! You can vote RIGHT HERE on this page! All you have to do is click the "LIKE" buttons on each of these embedded posts. Also, feel free to share!



Thank you for Voting!

These songs are all from Ethereal Escapes, the sequel to Echapées Etheriques, which was released in July and celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence. 
Read the story behind the songs here!

You can listen to the songs on youtube, below. They are also playing on Merrill Collins Radio on Pandora!


 Congratulations to all of the finalists! 

We highly recommend our readers browsing the songs on the voting page.  You vote by "liking." 

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Two new albums: Ethereal Escapes & Echapées Etheriques

June 2017
Hello Readers,
Featured Song
Riding on Waves of Gold from our forthcoming album, Ethereal Escapes!


Merrill Collins
Grand Piano
Laura Halliday
Maksim Velichkin
Interacting with each other in a musical conversation about travel to the ethers...
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Harmonic Convergence anniversary special!

etherealWe are having a two-for-one sale on an extraordinary set of albums that were inspired by the Harmonic Convergence 30 years ago in 1987...which occurred on my birthday! Pre-order Ethereal Escapes before its release on July 21st ... and I will send you a complementary copy of last year's Echapées Etheriques. These extraordinary albums are about traveling beyond the atmosphere into another dimension beyond the sky...and I can't wait for all of you—and your friends—to hear them.Echapees 2

The album is getting some spectacular reviews!

Steve Sheppard of One World Music says "Radiant....The cleverness of the performers on this album is simply sublime...." 

Bill Binkelman of Zone Music Reporter and Retailing Insight magazine says "Seldom do three musicians work together to such a degree that it almost seems as if they are of the same mind and same body, operating in unison to express a singular musical vision – and the vision represented on this album is daring and beautiful." 

And Candice Michelle of, says, "Uniquely defying strict genre classification, the album’s lovely musical ensemble continually evolves and unfolds throughout, as one instrument often seems to transmute into another. Essentially meditative with a defined experimental edge, ‘Echappees Etheriques’ is sure to appeal to many fans of new age, neoclassical and improvisational instrumental music!"
All you have to do is order Ethereal Escapes and send me your address and proof of purchase... I will send you Echapées Etheriques! (NOTE: I recommend you purchase the hard copy since I will send you a hard copy... you will have a matched set!)

Spiraling Upward

Have you missed us? It's been three years since our last newsletter!
My 99-year-old mother moved out to the West Coast, my son got married, and... I received a Global Peace Song Award for Every Man, Woman, and Child! Check out the awards ceremony here. I receive my award at the 29 minute mark!
Merrill Collins

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Monday, August 1, 2016

News from Spiraling Music

August 2016
Hello Readers,
 Featured Song
Picture 3
There's always a featured song on Spiraling Music! Click here to listen.
 Our Cover Artist
All of our cover art is now designed by Yvon Chausseblanche, (who is also our French expert). His nature-sourced patterns make beautiful decorator textiles. See more of Yvon's beautiful designs on his website.


 Social Media
I've really enjoyed the interactive community we've created on Facebook! Please keep commenting, and sharing the love. If you haven't 'liked' the page yet, click here! If you are not seeing our posts in your feed, go to the page, click on the "Liked" button, and check "see in feed first."

fb shot

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The sun is in Leo and it's a time for creativity and stability! 

Global Peace Song Awards

For my birthday, would you do me a huge favor and vote for Every Man, Woman, and Child to win a Global Peace Song Award? The song project was recently featured by the Zorgos Project, which helps parents unite and fight bullying. The 2016 Global Peace Song Awards serves as a 13346428_1121887534549967_7359282718503427489_nsearch for our world’s most enlightened musicians and songs that can guide the way to peace on earth. On the jury are Stewart Copeland, Jermaine Jackson, Dennis Kucinich, and Peter Yarrow (of Peter, Paul and Mary). I’m excited they will be hearing this beautiful song.

All you have to do is go to this link and sign in as a New User with your name and a password. The A Cappella / Choral category is near the top, and you can listen to the clips. After that, feel free to vote for other songs in every category!

Featured Songs

Have you heard Portals yet? Portals 1, a mini-album I recorded with Alethea Lamb at Hollywood's Musik Vergnugen studios, is up for listening at Clips of this beautiful piano and clarinet album have also been up on Spiraling Music’s Featured Song page all summer. Buy Portals 1 for only $7.99.

Coming soon 

EchapeesEchappées Ethériques (Ethereal escapes), is our newest album, featuring Maksim Velichkin on cello and Laura Halladay on flutes. “Opening” will be on our Featured Song page when the album launches, but you can give it a listen right now!

The album will be done by my birthday and will be entered into the Grammys in either the Contemporary Instrumental or New Age category. I will keep everyone posted on Facebook!
Peace to all of us,
Merrill Collins
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