Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A "spiraling" holiday party - and a new address!

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December, 2011

Greetings, Friends!

It's easy to give your "Christmas Presence" to your friends...

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Merrill Collins: Christmas Presence

Upcoming Changes -
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Soon I will be switching my communications format over to my blog, Spiraling Stories.

You will recieve an email asking to confirm your subscripton. I hope you would like to continue hearing our news, and click 'yes'.
Some of you may be getting this newsletter for the first time. Our biggest news is our address change... we have moved to 13909 Old Harbor Lane #304, Marina Del Rey CA 90292.

Online Holiday Party

Amidst the hubub of moving, we've enjoyed many collaborations this year, which we're celebrating with not one, but FOUR featured songs. While you're at your computer reading this, open our featured song page at, and enjoy the music!
  • Joseph Hebert conducted a a combined choir singing Hodie, a joyful Christmas song in the spirit of a carol. Sheet music is for sale - cheap!
  • Cesar Marquez sings Soyez Gentille, a special favorite French Christmas song - the complete Piano/Vocal score is now available for that, as well. And of course, you can listen to the classic.
  • Angels We Have Heard on High from Christmas Presence.
  • JINGLE BELLS Marshall Richards sings an original swing version of Jingle Bells, a free download to enjoy and share with your friends.
Also please enjoy the lovely decorations by Diana Lovett, a jewelry designer from Oakland. There's a link where you can order her hammered metal trees and stars, if you like them!

Have a Peaceful Holiday

Christmas Presence, which is now being played on radio internationally (hooray!), has been our best-selling CD for fifteen years.
  • Churches and cathedrals play it during Advent and Christmas season.
  • Christian ministers and priests keep it on in the background.
  • Gift shops, restaurants and coffee shops play it to create seasonal ambience.
  • Bodyworkers and spas play it because it is soothing and de-stressing. One Reiki healer said, "It helped my clients relax into healing and open to the peace, not the stress, of the season.”
  • People at home play it for peaceful dinner, entertainment, and chill-out time with family and friends.
  • and people love to play it while they drive in traffic!
Haven't heard it? Give it a listen! Have it? Love it? Please share your review on CDBaby, Amazon or MySpace!
Christmas Presence makes a great gift of peace and serenity. Please share with your friends and family.

Good TimesLet's keep in touch!

Many thanks to all of you for being part of the Spiraling Music world in 2011, and may we all have calm, relaxing holidays with time for family, good friends, good food, and good music!
Peace of the season,
Merrill Collins

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Friday, September 23, 2011

The Lullaby Project

Our current featured song is Within You (Lullaby for Bobby), which we wrote as a first birthday gift for one of several wonderful new children that have been born into my family.  At the studio we passed around his picture so we could be playing music to him as if in person. The song is a flute, guitar, and grand piano arrangement with improvisations over descending lines that brings to life various scales from distant times and lands.

Any new baby or parent will enjoy Within You (Lullaby for Bobby), which is over ten minutes long, providing a relaxing theme for nursing or naptime.

But everyone thought a custom lullaby was such a wonderful idea, we had to do more! The next few babies and kids, Loki and Ruka, love their songs, too!

The Lullaby Project

Now we're working on an album. Do you have a child in your family who deserves to be wrapped in music? Commission an original lullaby for the new light in your life! Various acoustic ensembles are available.

Contact Merrill Collins for more information.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Amazing Grace!

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March 2011

 Featured Song
Picture 3
Click here to enjoy an amazing moment of harmony and grace.
 From the Album
 New Ways to Connect!
I've finally got a Facebook page! I'd love to see your face in my "like" box -- click here or visit my new blog.
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As we enter this season of Lent, a traditional time of retreat and reflection, we would like to offer all of our music as a tool to can support you in your daily meditation.

Amazing Grace!

I recorded Amazing Grace in 2009 with my friend and longtime collaborator Joseph H├Ębert, for our second album, Cello & Piano Sanctuary. It is a song musicians have many opportunities to play, and we came up with a new , refreshing version.
The U.S. Library of Congress has a collection of 3,000 versions of Amazing Grace, including ours, which features an interesting "conversation" between a wondering, childlike piano descant and the gentle guidance of a caring, mature cello.

(how sweet the sound)
Click this link and you can not only hear the song, but enjoy a gorgeous video by Yvon Chausseblanche featuring egrets at sunrise at a bird sanctuary, a beautiful symbol of retreat. Click this link to enjoy the entire album.

All over the world, there are good people struggling for freedom, for their rights, for their livelihoods and their lives. I wish I could reach out and send support to each and every one of them in their struggles, both here in the U.S. and all around the world.

I am hoping while you listen and watch and enjoy you can help me send a quiet signal of strength to those who need it, and a prayer that grace will find us all.

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Merrill Collins

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Friday, February 11, 2011

Colors and Sounds*****

Colors have always been a key source of musical inspiration to me.
Like many other composers such as Scriabin, I associate colors with
musical notes and chords.
On the new Cinema Musique Collection, Volume One, we began a series of
colors. Bonbon Rouge and L'Orange are just the beginning of the
My creative imagination is currently very happily working on Volume
Two, "Les Couleurs" .

Having shared that, I am starting my very first blog on the topic of
colors and sounds, and look forward to the discussion!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

For the Love of ... Music!

Music is the food of love, and YOU are always welcome to the Spiraling Music feast!

Just in time for this season of romance, we have a special FREE mp3 to share with you."My Love Will Never Fail" is a "Chanson d'Amour" (love song), and features Nicole Garcia on violi
Cinema Musiquen.  Click here to listen to and download an exclusive version of our featured song! A longer version and 13 more tracks can be heard on our latest album, Cinema Musique. This album is crafted especially for film and TV scoring, and we are focusing this year on pitching to movie music supervisors. Know any? Send them over!

We also have a wonderful new website to crow about...kudos to Kristen Caven at Cowgirl Creative for designing! Check it out! (And pardon us while we work out the kinks.)

New Projects

A new collaboration is in the works with long time collaborator Mary Sano, who is choreographing several of the new tracks from Cinema Musique. One of our favorites is "When My Mother Cries", featuring Pope Flyne on talking drum.

Our multi-media producer Yvon Chausseblanche is celebrating the new year with a high-tech video camera, so watch for new videos on our YouTube channel soon!

On the World Projects horizon, we will be inviting new participation on the "We Are Interdependent" ongoing collaboration of artists, singers, dancers, and teachers. Watch for more news to come!

Keep in Touch! 

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Enjoy the new site, and please pass on the LOVE this month! 

Peace to all of us,
Merrill Collins