Friday, September 23, 2011

The Lullaby Project

Our current featured song is Within You (Lullaby for Bobby), which we wrote as a first birthday gift for one of several wonderful new children that have been born into my family.  At the studio we passed around his picture so we could be playing music to him as if in person. The song is a flute, guitar, and grand piano arrangement with improvisations over descending lines that brings to life various scales from distant times and lands.

Any new baby or parent will enjoy Within You (Lullaby for Bobby), which is over ten minutes long, providing a relaxing theme for nursing or naptime.

But everyone thought a custom lullaby was such a wonderful idea, we had to do more! The next few babies and kids, Loki and Ruka, love their songs, too!

The Lullaby Project

Now we're working on an album. Do you have a child in your family who deserves to be wrapped in music? Commission an original lullaby for the new light in your life! Various acoustic ensembles are available.

Contact Merrill Collins for more information.