Thursday, January 12, 2012

MLK and Human Rights (a capella) music

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January 2012
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 Featured Song
Every Man, Woman, and Child featuring Michelle and Harrison Crenshaw:

Merrill Collins: Every Man, Woman, and Child Vocal feat. Michelle & Harrison Crenshaw
CHANT version:
Merrill Collins: Chant: Every Man, Woman, & Child feat. Harrison Crenshaw
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 From the
 We Agree Project:

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This Monday is Martin Luther King day, and all over the country, people will be doing community service and celebrating human rights, one of my favorite things to teach, and one of the most important things for us all to understand.
Every Man, Woman, and Child

every living soulI performed this song for the United Nations in 1987 on Human Rights Day, as a way for a community to learn about human rights together. This song is part of the We Agree Curriculum, and provides a very engaging method for studying the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) in great detail. Participants (4th grade and up) are assigned articles of the document to research and present. As the song is played, each performer approaches the microphone and declares one of the thirty articles. The lyrics are sung by the whole group, with hand motions and everything!

respectThe project workbook has several other ways to create and educate about this wonderful document, as well, from creating Public Service Announcements to performing a silent spiral ceremony. These are wonderful activities for church groups, Drama, Social Studies and Music teachers at all levels, and any group who wants to participate in a Martin Luther King Oratorical Contest. Please pass this on to anyone you think who might be interested. Forward this message to a friend
our human rights
But you don't have to take on the whole project to enjoy the song!

This month, our featured song page includes not one but TWO versions of the EMWC, with vocals by a wonderful mother/son duo, Michelle and Harrison Crenshaw. Make sure you click this link to start the second song after the first one ends. The CHANT version comes with free sheet music for a capella groups.

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