Friday, February 11, 2011

Colors and Sounds*****

Colors have always been a key source of musical inspiration to me.
Like many other composers such as Scriabin, I associate colors with
musical notes and chords.
On the new Cinema Musique Collection, Volume One, we began a series of
colors. Bonbon Rouge and L'Orange are just the beginning of the
My creative imagination is currently very happily working on Volume
Two, "Les Couleurs" .

Having shared that, I am starting my very first blog on the topic of
colors and sounds, and look forward to the discussion!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

For the Love of ... Music!

Music is the food of love, and YOU are always welcome to the Spiraling Music feast!

Just in time for this season of romance, we have a special FREE mp3 to share with you."My Love Will Never Fail" is a "Chanson d'Amour" (love song), and features Nicole Garcia on violi
Cinema Musiquen.  Click here to listen to and download an exclusive version of our featured song! A longer version and 13 more tracks can be heard on our latest album, Cinema Musique. This album is crafted especially for film and TV scoring, and we are focusing this year on pitching to movie music supervisors. Know any? Send them over!

We also have a wonderful new website to crow about...kudos to Kristen Caven at Cowgirl Creative for designing! Check it out! (And pardon us while we work out the kinks.)

New Projects

A new collaboration is in the works with long time collaborator Mary Sano, who is choreographing several of the new tracks from Cinema Musique. One of our favorites is "When My Mother Cries", featuring Pope Flyne on talking drum.

Our multi-media producer Yvon Chausseblanche is celebrating the new year with a high-tech video camera, so watch for new videos on our YouTube channel soon!

On the World Projects horizon, we will be inviting new participation on the "We Are Interdependent" ongoing collaboration of artists, singers, dancers, and teachers. Watch for more news to come!

Keep in Touch! 

Let's keep in touch!We LOVE keeping in touch with you!!! If you haven't yet signed up on our official mailing list, please do.  Don't miss out on our seasonal newsletter full of new projects, music, and more! 
You can also keep in touch through our new blog, Facebook, and MySpace. And if you ever review anything of ours on iTunesCDBaby, Scribd, YouTube, or Amazon, please send the link or post it to the wall on Facebook.

Enjoy the new site, and please pass on the LOVE this month! 

Peace to all of us,
Merrill Collins